Photo: View from the Temagami Fire Tower by Christopher Porter, on Flickr

Tour of Temagami’s Caribou Mountain and Fire Tower

The 100′ high Temagami Fire Tower stands on the summit of Caribou Mountain, 400′ above the town and 1300′ above sea level. It is just one kilometer from Ontario’s historic Yonge Street (Highway 11 ) and is the highest lookout point along this route. temagami-fire-tower

The cupola at the top of the tower commands a view in excess of 40 kilometers, overlooking Finlayson Provincial Park, the White Bear Forest with its stands of old growth pine and the town’s Portage Bay with its floatplane base and water traffic. Remnants of the historic Ferguson Highway and the sites of old mining and logging operations can also be identified.

Prominent features in the landscape include the lakes supporting Ontario Hydro’s Matabitchuan Dam and the TransCanada Pipeline serving the industrial heartland of Southern Ontario.

Nothing compares to actually visiting the Tower Site in person. There is a $3 per person admission fee (children 6 years and under get in free). This gives you access to all that the Caribou Mountain/Temagami Fire Tower has to offer including hiking trails, Interpretive Centre, picnic areas, viewing platforms, etc. And make sure you hike or bike the network of trails through the White Bear Forest.