Photo: Temagami 2012 by Maggie & Rick, on Flickr

This incredible remote wilderness park is characterized by rugged topography, crystalline lakes and fast-flowing rivers. Spectacular cliffs of sheer rock and waterfalls can be found along the Lady Evelyn River including  Helen Falls which drops more than 25 meters. Lady Evelyn is the site of the two highest points in Ontario, the Ishpatina Ridge at 2,275 feet ( 693 m) and Maple Mountain reaching 2,106 feet (642 m). You can also find some of the oldest rock in the world as well as drawings and artifacts dating back to 6000 B.C.The area is famous for its old growth white and red pine ecosystems. Visitors to the park should be wilderness veterans who are experienced in outdoor skills, white water canoeing and rugged camping conditions.


Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater includes Smoothwater Lake and Makobe Lake which are characterized by abundant fish. This park has very few services but appeals to outdoor enthusiasts who wish to experience an untouched wilderness adventure.

For more information go to Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park